I have personally known Bob for over 20 years and would highly recommend him for any consulting on any business issue. he has a long proven track record of improving a company’s performance and driving shareholder value. He particularly excels in improving a company’s top and bottom line. To this day, within my own company, I use techniques that I acquired from Bob to drive my business.
— Brad Beard, President & CEO, Four Seasons Sunrooms

There are two kinds of people in the world, those who talk and those that do. Bob falls decisively in the second group. By employing his acute sense of business with world class guerrilla campaigns, Bob develops sales strategies that hone vision and build teams. He is a strategy for success.
— Dana Schindler, Sr. VP / Chief Marketing Officer, Associated Materials, LLC

I don’t know any other building material sales leader who has the ability to show sales people how to cut through to the issue and make the sale than Bob Franco.
— Mark Mitchell – Principal, Whizard Strategy Marketing

Bob Franco is a consummate sales professional who understands how to motivate a sales team and, most importantly, knows how to drive value for his customer. He gains the respect of both his team and his peers through his leadership abilities. Bob is a proven winner.
— David King, Sr. VP / CCO Direct Sales, Associated Materials, LLC

I have worked with Bob for over 20 years and he is an excellent leader and great communicator. He has a tremendous understanding of the building material channels and customers and does a great job of targeting specific marketing programs to meet the needs of the channels and the business. He is a pleasure to work with and truly a strong leader that delivers consistent results.
— John Bailey, Director of Sales / Marketing, Environmental Stone Works

Bob is one of the most effective and knowledgeable leaders in the business it has been my privilege to associate with. He has the unique and incredibly valuable ability to take complex scenarios and communicate them in the simplest terms. I have known Bob for over 20 years and I have not encountered anyone as remotely effective at execution and communication. His skills and abilities would add value to any enterprise.
— Sid Adler, VP Sales / Marketing, Durcon Inc.

Bob often refers to the poem “Invictus”, where the author proclaims his strength in the face of adversity. It would be just like Bob to name his company from that. This is Bob’s M.O. His competitive, no nonsense yet simple approach to sales generation does one thing very quickly—drive the top line. Along the journey, you will experience several “Franco-isms” that bring clarity and logic to various business situations. With Bob, what you see is what you get. And what you get is success!
— Brian Partyka, President, Drexel Metals, Inc.

I have known Bob for over 15 years. First as a valued supplier, then as a business partner in many ways and now as a friend. He is all of these to me because thanks to his guidance, support and council, I have been able to take my company to a whole new level. Bob is one of the best business people I have ever been associated with.
— Denny Degol, COO / Owner 7D Wholesale

I worked with Bob as his CFO at Drexel Metals. Bob is very driven and genuinely cares about his team. He is a motivational leader often taking the time for the little things that mean so much to people. Beyond that, he is very commercially savvy with a keen eye to strategic opportunities. Once decided, he is a master of execution and the removal of barriers to success. Working with Bob would prove a valuable experience for anyone.
— John McGuire, CFO, Novel Ingredient Services

Having worked with Bob for some 10 years, I can tell you he brings two rare and enviable talents to any sales situation; strategic innovation and inspirational team building. I’ve witnessed these skills transform both national and multinational marketing organizations while flawlessly shaping robust and enduring sales teams. Bob’s experience and invincible methods deliver dividends and rewarding alliances.
— Robert Schindler, Sr. VP Strategic Marketing, Associated Materials, LLC

Bob understands the power of focus and uses that focus to drive extraordinary business results. He has the ability to connect powerfully to his clients and create a clear vision for his team. He creates a passionate work environment where his teams are expected to take ownership of the success. If you are looking for someone to cut through the “BS” and help you drive your stated results, then Bob is your man!
— Bill Rossiter, Owner – Principal, Interrupt Marketing

Bob is a charismatic engaging sales leader. He wears his passion for all to see and because of that , he takes his sales teams to places that previously they thought they could not go.
— Adam Casebere, SVP Distribution Operations, Associated Materials LLC

Bob has been a long time mentor for me in my business and personal life. Under his watch and guidance, I have clearly gained an understanding for a number of factors that have enabled me to produce at higher and more consistent rates. In fact, my division has achieved our stated results 32 straight month in a row. I attribute that success to the leadership and support provided by Bob throughout my career. Beyond that and most importantly, Bob has taught me to understand my own strengths and weaknesses which allowed me to push myself further than I believed possible. Bob is the real deal.
— Chad Dietz, VP Installed Sales, Associated Materials, LLC