Invictus will help create a new image and reshape your business.
Invictus will deliver value.


our areas of expertise:


Teaching Value Added Selling

Instruction is via the use of “Sales: the Hardest Easy Job in the World” publication as well the Game of Margin” training document.

Developing High-Performance Sales Teams

Utilizes various motivational techniques, as well as developing a true goal aligned “pay for performance” compensation structure.


Supporting Due Diligence Processes

  • Evaluation of the executive team’s capabilities
  • Determining competitive advantages
  • Analyzing market / industry positioning
  • Identification of potential downsides
  • Validation of the strategic direction

Successful Planning

In order to develop meaningful plans, you must understand where you have been and where the company currently is. The process we use is a “real world” process .We believe in keeping it simple to avoid the unnecessary complexity that often creeps into the planning process. At the end of the day, the result will be a plan that the organization can support.


Develop Compensation Plans to Drive Results

Many companies, including successful ones, often have compensation plans that do not and will not drive the stated desired results. Invictus has extensive experience with understanding a company's true goals and designing compensation plans that drive those results.


Effective Prospecting

Prospecting is an area that many sales people are not well equipped to perform efficiently. In my publication, “SALES: The Hardest Easy Job in the World," an entire chapter is dedicated to this, as effective prospecting is one of the critical functions of successful selling.


Channel Marketing and Analysis

While at Owens Corning, management of multiple channels was an important part of being a market leader because the strategy was to maintain the number 1 share position. To accomplish that, it was a necessary part of the strategy to engage with all channels of distribution, regardless of potential conflict that this complexity may bring. This was accomplished two ways:

  1. Understanding the needs of each individual channel
  2. Establishing pricing structures that rewarded the level of value the individual channels provided.

Invictus Consulting understands this capability.


Expertise in Distribution Capabilities

While President of AMI, I managed 125 full line building material distribution centers with full P&L responsibility, and 1300 team members. Growth achieved was nearly 300% in 8 years.


Defining What True Price Is

Before you can improve your price, you need to understand what constitutes price. This is clearly explained and defined in the Invictus publication “Sales: the Hardest Easy Job in the World”.


Selling a Price Increase and Selling Around Price

In the mind of a sales person, attempting to secure additional price from the customer is the most difficult assignment that they are given. We stress that the approach that is taken and the attitude of the sales person are the two most important ingredients to successfully implement a price increase.  Invictus Consulting will provide proven techniques that have been proven over time to achieve the increase as well as maintain the price once secured.


Elements of a Great Sales Person

Developed over many years of trial and error experience by the Invictus group. It’s not so much what you know; it’s what you know not to do.


What Characteristics to Avoid as a Sales Person

Learned from the mistakes made by myself and many others over 40 years of selling.


The 10 Commandments of Success in Business

Developed by Invictus Consulting from simple rules of success that have been vetted over many years and in many situations.


The Game of Margin presentation

 Developed for Owens Corning to train value added sales techniques for their national sales force that views prices as an ally and not the enemy. It will clearly explain that (you) the sales person is the true differentiator as the final benefit.


Successfully Implementing Change Management

To succeed in business, companies often need to move in a direction that may be unchartered for them. This is when change management and or cultures have to be altered. Invictus has seen this need in three different organizations over the past several years and was successful in implementing this in each case successfully.


Invictus's approach to your business will always be a practical real world view.

It will be in its simplest form and always direct. 
Invictus will never “over commit and under deliver” or waste your time. 
We will deliver value or we will not take on the assignment.

"A vision without the ability to execute, is merely an hallucination."