Meet Invictus Principal Bob Franco.

Bob has nearly 40 years of sales and sales-related experience.

Bob began as a sales representative and climbed the ladder to CEO. Bob specializes in value added selling techniques, marketing strategies, distribution management, and pricing strategies, including extensive experience working with Private Equity firms. Additionally, Bob has extensive experience partnering with Private Equity firms implementing change management processes, top line growth strategies, and due diligence participation.

He is the author of "Sales: The Hardest Easy Job in the World." Bob is available for consulting, sales training, and speaking events. Available on Amazon.

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"Bob Franco’s new book Sales: The Hardest Easy Job In The World clearly communicates one thing: selling should be easy. Franco maintains that it is, but when salespeople don’t follow through on execution, they make it hard. His ideas, presented in a simple conversational style, offer several key selling principles based on 35 years of experience in sales. In simple clear terms, he offers business owners a wealth of valuable advice that every entrepreneur should consider, because (with very few well-funded exceptions), without sales you’ll have no business." — Excerpted from Kate Harrison's Forbes article

Franco provides valuable tips for everything from building customer relationships to closing a deal.
— Kate Harrison, Forbes Contributor

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While serving as President of AMI, I was responsible for the growth, productivity and efficiency of 125 standalone full line building material distribution centers with individual P&L’s. Invictus’s methods of management were instrumental in placing AMI on an aggressive growth curve that in a period of 8 years showed revenue growth of 260% to $1.3B. 

As a result, during my tenure, we were able to increase the value nearly 300%

We successfully worked with 3 private equity firms to transfer this value for a strong ROI.



During my tenure, Invictus’s management programs enabled my team to drive the division I led to become the number 1 leader in the industry.

 During that time, some of the key accomplishments were the development of the industry’s first “pay for enhanced warranties” program that was swiftly followed by the industry competitors. As VP and General Manager, I was asked to develop a program to teach our national sales force to sell value rather than price. 

This training program became known as the “Game of Margin” which is still being used at OC today.


President / CEO

Invictus’s capabilities pave the way for a transformation of a family owned business culture to one that positioned them for aggressive growth.  To accomplish this, all facets and disciplines of the business had to be evaluated.  Many changes were recommended and implemented, beginning with the company logo, collateral materials, website modernization, inventory and purchasing structural process changes for greater control and finally upgrading personnel where needed.

The result was that we saw Drexel grow nearly 50% in just over two years.